Win with Video marketing

If you work in the online content space, by now, you should be convinced that video marketing has officially arrived and how! However, if you are still confused, read on to know the why’s and how’s.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing uses video format, short or long to create content to promote a brand, product, or service. Visual content speaks volumes, more than any text or image can.

Considered the most powerful form of marketing today, video marketing speaks to your audience and stays with them for a long time, provided done well.

Why is it important?

Trends and studies show that video marketing is becoming increasingly popular among online platforms and overall marketing strategies. 86% of businesses said they were using video marketing as a marketing tool in 2021. And 93% of them say that it is a vital part of their overall marketing strategy.

Video content is the way to go, and there are no second guesses about it. Consumers respond, absorb, and retain content watched on videos way better than text. Not just that, there have been conversions after watching videos to the likes of 84%.

The use of video marketing has proven to gain a lot of traction and surge across all platforms and businesses in the last couple of years. Anyone and everyone can create and share videos, and storytelling can be done best with the help of video marketing.

Modern marketing strategies incorporate videos as an essential tool to sell their brand.

According to HubSpot Research,

  • More than 50% of consumers prefer watching videos more than any content from bands
  • Videos plugged on landing pages can increase conversion rates by over 80%
  • Just adding the word “video” in your email subject line can increase the open rate by 19%
  • 90% of consumers have admitted that videos help in buying decisions

How awesome is this?

There is no denying that videos are far more entertaining. They are engaging, diverse, and versatile. They can be shared and used on multiple platforms and reach a more significant number of people within minutes. It doesn’t need the consumer to concentrate and focus, making it easily consumable. Research shows that if your marketing strategy does not involve videos, there is a chance you are missing out on the bus to reach a potential market. Apart from telling your brand story, social media algorithms love videos and will rank you on top.

What are the key advantages?

With consumers gaining access to the internet and multiple social platforms, businesses, small and big, are trying to reach their audiences faster by using videos. This engagement gives you an edge, puts you ahead of your competition, and adds value.

If you are not using this tool, you should use it:

  • To increase engagement
  • To rank in search volume
  • To stay connected with your audience
  • To use for outreaching activities
  • To heighten brand awareness
  • To promote a product, service, or a message

The earlier you begin, the better it is in success and results. A social strategy must contain a video element with the way it is dominating most social platforms.

Where to begin?

If you own a smartphone, you can start recording today! If you want it to be professional, hire a videographer. There are a few things to keep in mind before you begin with whichever route you opt.

  • Clear and concise: Ensure the visuals and messaging are clear. Consider lighting before you start shooting. Either use natural light or invest in a basic lighting setup. Short videos are appreciated; anything between 3 to 5 minutes should work well.
  • Captions: A lot of people watch videos on mute. Be sure to include captions.
  • Authentic: Keep it original, relatable, and real. This increases shareability.
  • CTA: Include a Call To Action

Videos that are interactive and simultaneously talk about a product or service work well among audiences. Audiences prefer receiving a video to talk about a product or a service compared to long text forms. So, make that short video and share it today!

The Return on Investment (ROI) is exceptional with video marketing, depending on the strategy and quality.

Why should you be sharing videos on social media today?

The hottest growth hack is creating and sharing videos on social media platforms. Social media is all about videos today, and you should be too. If you have logged on to any social media platform lately, it’s impossible not to notice the number of hearts and engagement on videos.

Videos perform best on social media, with all the algorithms working hard to rank them on top for extra visibility. Any video post sees 10X more engagement than a series of static posts. There is no denying that social media users love videos, and video content is here to stay.

Consumers are cautious about who they follow and want to know more about their favorite brands and creators. Brands reciprocate by creating videos with an emotional and personal connection and telling their story unconventionally.

If you believe an image can speak a thousand words, a video is easily a million, and this is just one reason why video is so powerful.

Use video marketing on social media platforms to:

  • Diversify
  • Increase engagement
  • Make use of real-time marketing
  • Create a social brand presence
  • Increase sales volume


To sum up, video marketing is the way to go, especially for small businesses. Creating high-quality videos generate conversations, tells stories and speaks to the audiences in a way no other marketing tool has done.

Videos are the front and center of marketing. The right brands are using visually eye-catching, relatable, persuasive, and authentic content to reach the right people.

It’s okay if you haven’t done videos yet; there’s never been a better time to get started. Reach out to us, and we’ll help you get on the bus to reach your potential audience.

So, stand out, publish that video you’ve been thinking of, drive engagement and be a star with a simple lights, camera, and action!

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