How Much Should You Spend on a New Small Business Website?

When starting a new business, small business owners are faced with the decision of whether or not to build a website. A limited budget can compromise resources; therefore, the amount of available funds can impact a company’s visibility. Having an online presence is important to any business, for nearly everyone shops online. If you have a business today, regardless of the industry or audience, your business should have an online presence.

Many small business owners will follow either one of two approaches when attempting to establish an online presence. They don’t spend any money and attempt to build a website themselves, or they will contact a friend or family member to build one for them. Others may sign up for free websites through various hosting providers. In either case, neither one of these methods are suitable.

The Disadvantage of a Free Website:

Small business owners who attempt to build a website themselves typically lack the skills to build a professional-looking website that will attract and convert visitors into customers.  In addition, many free web packages fail to provide an authoritative and unique experience for online visitors.

A misinterpreted marketing message is a common issue with free websites, and most of them don’t have ranking capabilities. If your company is based online, your website needs to adhere to certain requirements to successfully rank within the search engines.

An Elaborate Website May Not Be Necessary:

Furthermore, a privately owned domain name that’s unique to your company is a must. Spending thousands of dollars may not be required during the early stages of building a new business but a genuine theme and a detailed layout are very much necessary.

Although high levels of complex interface may not translate to more sales, having a customizable website that can be added with sections and necessary navigation in the future is always handy for online businesses to be very competitive. As a new business owner, you need to discover what works and what doesn’t. 

Business Needs Should Determine Design Budget:

In essence, your web design budget depends on available financing, market goals, competitors, and business needs. What’s most important is how you spend available resources rather than the amount you spend. What audience are you targeting? Are you looking to attract customers via search engines? Does your company primarily attract local customers or international customers? Are you looking to convert online visitors to off-site customers? If so, a mobile-friendly and responsive design can help.

Another option to consider is whether or not the website is there for informational purposes rather than trade. If it’s for informational purposes, a simple design with pages of information should be adequate. If the website will be used for daily trade, a design that catalogs inventory, internal searching, and payment processing is needed. With millions of e-commerce websites hacked each year, security is paramount.

In closing, your business must have a professional appearance. Investing in a unique domain name and using a reputable hosting provider can deliver speed and guaranteed uptimes. Every business calls for different strategies based on marketing demands and budgeting restraints. By analyzing your business, tailoring it to your needs, and planning ahead, you can accomplish your goals while learning key marketing concepts throughout the process.

Starting a website for your business is a low-cost investment that will help you to both establish credibility and reach a wider customer base than you ever could through traditional marketing techniques. If you keep your website updated with fresh, current content and are quick to address technical issues, you’ll never have to worry about “not existing” to your current and future clients.

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