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Digital Marketing FAQs
Website loading time can be improved by optimizing various assets of the website like Images, Videos, Iframes, CSS, JS, and other 3rd party links. This would reduce the size of the web page, server requests, 3rd party blocking assets, and the reverse response time, providing a better website loading time.
To achieve 100% on the website's Google PageSpeed insights, you must check how the themes and plugins, along with other integrations are impacting the site speed. Giving importance to the site's visible content, code minification, and accelerated mobile pages will help in improving page speed.
You can improve the performance of your website by focusing on hardware (your webserver), server-side scripting optimization (PHP, Python, Java), and front-end performance. By compressing images, minimizing external requests, implementing a CDN, reducing external HTTP requests, and applying a few other tricks, you can increase your website performance.
To improve the site's page authority, the most important factors are the quantity and quality of the links to your site. Another best SEO practice to increase website page authority is to also boost your content and keyword relevance. This can be done by creating long-form, in-depth content that covers a wide breadth of the content.
In order to increase page views, you will need to reduce bounce rates and try to match visitor's expectations. This can be achieved only by adding more relevant stuff on your website, adding engaging images, inserting relevant and related links in the right places, creating a compelling blog with a sidebar featuring interesting content, and breaking up the long posts by using the Page-Link tag.
Organic traffic is natural traffic your website receives, so to drive organic traffic you will need to invest a lot of time and resource in SEO. In the sense that includes identifying non-performing content and fixing it, finding new keyword opportunities, optimizing higher CTR, and improving site architecture. Dominating featured snippets is an additional advantage of increasing organic search traffic.
Social media can be an effective way of promoting content, engaging with your audience and customers, strengthening your brand, while also providing users with more channels to find you online. To increase website traffic through social media, you need to post regularly and original content i.e not only engaging but informative as well. Scheduling the right time to post the content is highly important to drive website traffic.
For this purpose, you need a strong digital presence to maximize your opportunities. Having a clear lead generation strategy and process in place will allow you to generate new leads consistently. Using a range of methods, from driving organic traffic from Google to creating engaging content on social media, you are able to consistently drive targeted traffic that results in high-quality leads.

Wow. I just updated my site and it was SO SIMPLE. I am blown away. You guys truly kick ass. Thanks for being so awesome. High fives!

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You guys rocked on the sculpture project, Thanks so much doing a great job

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I am glad you came over quickly, You guys are the best

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Groove allows us to focus on our customers instead of being tangled into enterprise level customer support software

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