Social Media Optimization: Identifying an Optimal Strategy for Increasing SEO in 2021

With the ease in the access of internet by people, it has been noticed that social media has become omnipresent. It has turned the world upside down within a matter of few years. Some amazing social media stats show that a single internet minute holds one million Facebook logins, 4.5 million videos watched on YouTube, 500k tweets sent on Twitter, 175k posts made on Instagram, 650k active users on LinkedIn, and almost a million dollars spent online. This shows the importance of a social media in the world of web today. Naturally, Social media optimization has become exceedingly important to achieve higher SEO ranks in 2021.

Social media optimization (SMO) is the use of social media networks to manage and grow an organization’s message and online presence. As a digital marketing strategy, social media optimization can be used to increase awareness of new products and services, connect with customers, and ameliorate potential damaging news. A good social media optimization allows a company to increase the brand awareness, enhance visibility, connect with the audience, and last but not the least generate quality leads.

50% SEO fail for not integrating it with SMO

We talk a lot about SEO and SMO, and we often times combine the two suggesting that they go hand in hand. But its necessary to understand the difference between the two and when is either appropriate. To super summarize, SMO is a part of SEO. Both contribute to how people find your business online which is why we place so much emphasis on having an SMO strategy that works alongside your SEO and content marketing efforts. For an article to reach a larger number of audience, a lot of shares alone won’t do it. For the article to rank in Google, SEO and SMO should complement each other well. If a company wishes for an overall success in online marketing, it should have a good balance of both SEO and SMO.

Blend both SEO & SMO

SEO and SMO are made for each other. Webpages/links shared and liked on social media platforms helps in increasing the ranks in search engines. SEO and SMO might look like working in different shapes but the impact they bring is the same. Search engines change their ranking factors frequently, and one of the most important factor they consider is optimized social media page. It is only smart to blend SEO & SMO and bring a balance between them. Because one without the other might likely affect the business online growth.

Maintain Balance between Plan and Trends

Strategy might sounds like a complex word, but the basic meaning is to understand what the audience are expecting from you, and when. Failing to plan a social media strategy leads to a roadblock.

It might sound ridiculous to plan social media in advance, but maintaining a balance between a plan and keeping up with ever-changing social media trends is a real challenge. In order to run a successful social media campaigns, you have to plan a strategy with clear cut goals and objectives. A strategized social media campaigns will help you achieve -  

  • A strong online presence. 
  • Improve search engine ranking. 
  • Generate quality leads. 
  • Increase profile engagement by at least 23%.

Enhance your Social Media Profile

Profile optimization for SMO is similar to what website optimization is for SEO. For any reputed organizations, it’s social media profile is the foundation. Creating a company profile is not as same as creating a personal profile. It may be a simple task, but also a tricky one. The goal is to create a profile that builds confidence in your business and invite and engage its visitors. The more complete your social media profile is, the better engaged are your audience.

It’s necessary to work in a consistent and structured way to be successful on social media. Social media optimization will help you improve your social campaign to drive more leads and conversions for your business.

Content is Fire, Social Media is Gasoline

Content is still the driver that drives both SEO and SMO. It is important to create an original content for social media optimization, at the same time it is also important to create customized content that is suitable for each platform.

Quality is always better than quantity. Determination of what content your audience find most relevant is important. You can do that by measuring the engagement for each post. Once you have identified them, you can start sharing similar content.


SMO is the best and smart way to draw visitors to websites and blogs. Cracking the method to succeed in social media can have a long-lasting effect on SEO rankings. The blend of both SEO and SMO is necessary to make a strong online business and run the same successfully. One needs to judicially strategize the effective use of SEO and SMO to make the most of digital marketing.

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