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Exploring Brand Archetypes Series: The Caregiver Archetype

Have you ever met someone compassionate, empathetic, and generous? Someone who doesn’t just care for you but will do anything to keep you from harm. You may not have to look far in search of this person, for a mother reflects these characteristics perfectly. She serves and nourishes her child with utmost generosity without any expectations. Such parental tendencies can be seen in the caregiver archetype.

Ordinary good deeds, weekend volunteering, or a one-time donation are not enough for a caregiver. Caregivers live to serve and serve till the end. They can go to any extent for the greater good of the community or someone they very much care for. When you’re in the hands of a caregiver, consider yourself to be the safest. 

Similarly, brands that follow the caregiver archetype showcase their brands as supporting, caring, and nurturing. Examples of caregiver archetypes can be the healthcare and baby care products industry. Caregiver brands remind people how crucial it is to take care of themselves and the people around them. 

Thus, the caregiver archetype can also be called The Mother. To reflect caring as the inherent brand communication, most baby care and self-care brands follow specific caregiver archetype font, elements, and heart-warming elements in their marketing strategy. The primary caregiver archetype fonts include Shadow Green, Crater, Straw Gold, and Citrine. 

Insights on Caregiver Archetype

Just like every archetype or campaign strategy, in general, the caregiver archetype also has a set of aspirations. Following these aspirations, the brands promote their products in a way as to captivate the minds of their audience. Below are the insights that caregiver-following brands are inspired from:

  • Motto: How to help?
  • Promise: Empathy
  • Desire: Protecting people
  • Goal: Help as much as possible
  • Fear: Ingratitude and selfishness
  • Belief: Generosity and compassion
  • Motivation: Control and stability

Examples of Caregiver Archetype

As mentioned above, most nurturing brands follow the caregiver archetype. Non-profit organizations, financial planning firms, the education sector, customer service, and the healthcare space believe in showcasing their brand through this archetype. In advertisements and campaigns, caregiver archetype careers are used, such as housekeepers, nurses, teachers, and mothers. Those careers play a vital role in helping others to become better. 

The most fantastic example, which also inspires many brands in their strategies, is Mother Teresa. She’s an epitome of self-sacrifice and generosity, someone who devoted her entire life to others. She created a worldwide charity foundation to help the less fortunate as much as possible. 

Business Usage of Caregiver Archetype

Brands that follow caregiver archetypes like to showcase real-world problems and avoid topics such as crying, caring, making others smile, etc. The approach towards the audience from these brands includes using sentimental music, family images and snippets, and safety scenarios.

Besides promotion and marketing tactics, caregiver brands also show empathy towards their employees, maintaining the hierarchy. These businesses treat their employees well, and in turn, employees sometimes go beyond their pay role to complete work. It showcases how these brands indeed come under the caregiver archetype in all probability.

Brand Examples of Caregiver Archetype

We already know the brands that follow the caregiver archetype are mostly caring and compassionate industries. However, there are some brands whose products may come under caring but with a very different perspective. You may think how that is possible, but these organizations are world-renowned brands today. Below is a list of some mind-boggling and prominent brands that follow the caregiver archetype. 

  • Volvo

The advertisements created by Volvo have empathy towards family, focusing on providing comfort to your loved ones. The messaging from Volvo accomplishes their caregiver tasks such as “share the planet” and drive the future.” The messaging depicts how their cars will protect their families. 

  • Johnson & Johnson

A company that is today known as “The Family Company,” Johnson & Johnson creates products for the well-being of others, especially children. They’re the most extensive healthcare sector brand globally and a perfect example of a breathing caregiver archetype. One of their advertisements shows how their shampoo and skincare won’t make babies cry. It portrays how much they care, making them the top brand-new parents go-to for baby products. 

  • The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army takes donations during the holidays, but they go beyond that season. Their commitment is to help the needy as much as possible. Their volunteers are always standing strong to support whoever is in need. With so much digital ease, you can now contact them or visit their offices near you by finding the address on their website. 

Does Your Brand Come Under Caregiver Archetype?

If your brand communication reflects the traits discussed above, then your brand is sure to fall under the Caregiver Archetype. In case you’re still not sure whether your brand falls under this archetype and need help, we’re here for you. Contact Macaw Digital now so we can help you finding the archetype and devising a strategy accordingly. 

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